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Q..... What is the difference between an Armorer and a Gunsmith?





A Gunsmith performs factory level repairs, renovation, and makes modifications/alterations for special uses.


Individuals trained and employed by the military or police are usually Armorers. Typically, their skill level is less than that of  Gunsmith.


Where the Gunsmith frequently has to design, manufacture and fit parts ranging from small internal parts to complete assemblies, an Armorer usually only has to replace standard interchangeable parts belonging to only one type, series, or family of firearms.



A Certified Gunsmith

Covers the basics such as trigger jobs, barrel balancing/shortening/enhancing, scope mounting and sighting, and numerous basic parts replacement.


A Master Gunsmith

Takes on tasks like extractors, lowers, reloading, fire control groups, and some complex repair work. Mid-level tools such as taps, dies, files and an drill press are used by this level gunsmith.


A Journeyman Gunsmith

Has the highest certification for a gunsmith and includes manufacturer certifications and essentials, designing and implementing their own wildcat loads, complete construction of custom guns, major repairs and refurbishing. The use of advanced tools such as milling and lathing machines, Case Harding & Annealing metals and topics like metallurgy are mastered at this advanced level.


Law Weapons has Certified Master and Journeyman Gunsmiths on site.