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How to Choose a Concealed Carry Firearm Instructor | Naperville, IL - Law Weapons






01. How long have you been a firearms instructor ?

     BEWARE of the fellow who JUST recently got his credentials to teach.

     He's just "cashing in" on the IL Concealed Firearms License frenzy.



02. Is your "instructor" ONLY certified by the NRA to teach BASIC PISTOL ?

     If the "instructor" is only certified to teach basic pistol classes it means

     that he does not have any real commitment to firearms training and is

     just trying to make a "fast buck".



03. When you are not teaching firearms classes how do you make your living?

     This will shock you but many "instructors" are week-end warriors. Their real job

     is pizza delivery guy, truck driver, package delivery agents or even religious

     leaders !!! Don't believe me ? Just ASK THEM !!!!



04. Have you ever declared bankruptcy ?

     BEWARE of the instructor who ripped off his creditors as he will

     most certainly rip you off too !!!



05. Were you ever in business before this & what happened to that business?

     Many "instructors" have had many "fly by night" business that popped up

     and disappeared as soon as the going got rough.



06. Do you have an actual classroom or do you just rent hotel rooms for classes?

     Most instructors do not have an actual classroom or official place of

     business !!! They work from their home and rent hotel rooms as needed. So

     when there's a problem with your permit they are nowhere to be found !!!



07. Do you have any references from past students ? How many students have you tought?

     No positive references means no real past teaching experience. Do you really

     want to learn life saving firearms handling from a guy with no real "hands on"

     teaching experience or has only trained a few dozen students?



08. Have you only trained civilian students ?

     If they have only trained civilian students they cannot have the knowledge or

     experience that Law Enforcement, Licensed Private, Bodyguards

     Detectives and Professional Armed Security Agents are taught. They have no experience

     teaching the use of deadly force.



09. Are you qualified and licensed to teach Armed Professionals ?

     Not likely, because to do so you must have years of experience, be a dedicated

     firearms professional and participate in annual firearms instructor continuing

     education and development.



10. What was the last course you (the "instructor") took as a student ?

     Most likely the last class they attended was his "ONLY" instructor level class.



Don't choose an amateur. - Choose a firearms Professional At LAW WEAPONS our instructors are seasoned professionals.


Our executive instructor's qualifications are:




    Licensed Private Detective (armed)

    Instructor for Illinois License Detectives - Security officers

    NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, PPOTH, PPITH, CRSO)

    Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)

    Certified Utah Concealed Carry Instructor

    Federal Firearms Dealer

    Federal Firearms Importer

    Federal Firearms Manufacturer

    Federal Firearms Class 3 NFA License

    Live-Scan Fingerprint Certified

    IL Licensed & Registered Firearms Instructor

    IL Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor

    Certified Master/Journeymen Gunsmith

    Advanced Carbine Instructor

    M4/AR15 Armorer / Manufacturer

    Certified Glock Armorer

    Certified Sig Sauer Armorer

    Certified Ruger Armorer

    Certified Special Weapons

    Certified Smith & Wesson Armorer

    Certified Overt / Covert Surveillance Specialist

    Certified Bodyguard/Executive Protection Specialist

    Competition Shooter with the IDPA and USPSA

    Search & Seizure / Handcuffing Instructor

    Quick-Clot Combat Gauze Certification

    First Aid/CPR Certified Instructor by the National Safety Council

    AED Certified Instructor





ALL of our instructors are certified professionals and supervised by our Executive Instructor.